Thanks to our friend and Trinity College student Mark Hughes, we had the chance to meet Trinity Entrepreneurial Society. Last year, the TES has been really busy : the student-run organization had on its schedule nothing less than the organization of a Dragon’s Den-like prize for Trinity students’ startups with 10 000 € to win with a massive attendance from the students all throughout the semi-finals and finals. TES also set its own incubator up, with 5 startups. The program lasted 8 months and is completely managed by the society. From this year on, students participating in the incubator program get university credits granted by Trinity. That gives a hint of how helpful but demanding it is to go through the incubator !

We were clearly impressed by our Irish counterparts’ achievements but Paul Allan, the Society’s president and former Incubator Manager, couldn’t let us simply believe him, he wanted us to see by ourselves. So he invited two incubated companies to pitch and present their product : Zorin (read more about them here) and Wynk (read more about them here)

  • Zorin is a new operating system, which makes computer faster, more powerful and secure! Very impressive ! (more than 17 million downloads already, you might want to check it out)
  • Wynk is an app to match you not only with a person but also with a common activity that the two would like to do.

Overall, 3 out of the 5 startups of this year’s class have a product on the market or a prototype (including Paul Allan’s own startup Aurius, producing a new type of hearing aid). What a track record for a first class !

To conclude the presentation, the team gave us a glimpse of their plan for next year. Their biggest project ? An international Dragon’s Den-like contest for startups. Several Ivy League universities and top European Business Schools might join ! To be continued 🙂

Thank you for having us in Dublin dear TES team and best of luck to the next Committee for next year !!