What’s the Guinness Enterprise Center (GEC) ? It is a huge entrepreneurial hub, hosting and helping 200 startups, and as you may have guessed has Guinness as one of its shareholder.

Very different startups work there and have access to networking events and workshops, but also to fun activities (there is a Golf society, and a yoga club !), and charity activities.

We were welcomed by Eamonn Sayers, the manager of this great place and founder of World Sports Team. He explained why tech companies and startups decide to settle in Dublin. First, there is the great help provided by the IDA to help big companies set up their HQ in Ireland, for example Facebook and Google, as well as a well-educated talent pool in the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone.

IDA is not the only initiative to foster entrepreneurship, and Enterprise Ireland is very much present to help create jobs by funding startups.

Startup investing in Ireland is organised through the HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network), with business angels from overseas also.


We had then the chance to meet Olivier, a French entrepreneur, developing a video-game studio, who told us about the advantages of coming to Ireland (being able to do a return flight in Europe’s capital cities the same day, the English language, good talents to hire…).


We then talked about Eamonn’s second passion and work for the non-for-profit organisation he created, called World Sports team, which “helps people who suffer from a catastrophic sports injury through a global network of sportspeople and other members”.


He introduced us to some of the great startups at the GEC:

  • Zinc software : wearable technology, which monitors your head movement to see if you exercise properly, which was the biggest fundraising on Kickstarter in Ireland
  • GirlCrew, a global community for women to make new friends, network in a social and professional capacity, seek advice and share knowledge. They elected the SXSW Queen of Tech for 2017
  • Nasal Medical, which designs products for people suffering from seasonal allergies, sleeping disorders (such as mild sleep apnea and snoring) or pollution.

A special thanks to all the entrepreneurs who shared their amazing ideas with us and more especially Eamonn !