We met with Artomatix, which develops the first creative artificial intelligence that automatically generates 3D content, in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) building. The CTO of Artomatix has been developing the technology for 20 years, which he called “machine creativity”. The principle is that you give a piece of picture to Artomatix, which then creates automatically the whole picture thanks to artificial intelligence. Ever wondered how to generate thousands of unique zombies starting with only two or three different zombie faces ? Artomatix definitely can !

Game developers are very interested in using the software, because production costs are very expensive with manual processes.


Artomatix is growing, with 2.4 billion euros raised and 17 people employed, as Barthélémy Kiss explained to us. He is a French person, who studied at Sciences Po, before working for BCG and Hello Tomorrow and later becoming a cofounder of Artomatix. He explained the next steps for their strategy and how they work to improve the product.


The type of product Artomatix is developing is very trendy: a deep tech start up in the field of Machine Creativity, at the crossroads between Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

The main challenge is now to define the potentialities of such a technology. They will focus first on the video game industry, which is a 80 billion $ industry, then they might move to movies, advertising, virtual reality, or even architecture, fashion, industrial design etc.
There are 17 employees today in 4 teams (business, product management, product development, deep research), but the team will grow soon and they are looking for interns if you are interested 😉