How to remain agile and fun and to keep the startup spirit when you grow?


When we visited Airbnb’s offices in Dublin, we saw that they managed it well. We were told about the next innovations to come from the company, which now develops not only accommodation, but also “Airbnb experiences”, and will soon have original guide books made by employees, as well as additional services from hosts available. We were even told by Sophie O’Donoghue, in charge of Internal Hospitality & Events, that Airbnb might some day even offers transportation ! Sky is the limit !



Hospitality remains at the heart of Airbnb’s culture as we discovered their beautiful offices. Employees can bring their dogs, have access to healthy food cooked by chefs, and they organize cool events such as an Oktoberfest party !


So now that you’re thinking OMG where do I apply, here is a piece of advice we were given by Airbnb’s recruiters: you have to share their core values.

Be a host

Champion the mission

Be a cereal entrepreneur

Embrace the adventure !