Webedia office Germany

We went to Webedia ’s office and met Nicolas John, its CEO. It’s a French company, specialized in online media, which owns the most famous French websites (allociné, jeuxvidéos.com, 750g.com) and is now expanding a lot, notably in Germany. The company is now pretty big with over 800 employees worldwide, but we could feel the entrepreneurial spirit of the people, strategy, and the office.

We walked through the offices with different teams there working for different websites and we learned a lot about the strategy of gaining growth and traffic in online media, as well as monetizing it. I don’t think we will ever go on Allociné now without thinking about our talk with Webedia’s CEO.

The sector of online media and the work of Webedia ’s employees seem really challenging and fascinating and thank you, Nicolas, for sharing that with us.