GTEC Start'HEC Berlin

GTEC (German Tech Entrepreneurship Center) is an incubator located right at the center of Berlin on the famous Museum Insel. It is creating bridges between the differents tech hubs and schools in the city and providing full support to a dozen of incubated startups.


As we arrived on Thursday morning, we’re hosted by Luisa Maier, Director at GTEC and former graduate from the close-by ESMT (European School of Management and Technology) Business School. Having been involved in the ecosystem with Startupbootcamp as its COO, Luisa felt like GTEC was really where she could have an impact : the incubator nurtures its startups with its extended network of experts, researchers (including the ESMT) and corporate partners (including Henkel, RWE) for 2 to 12 months to have them grow and potentially raise funds afterwards, but GTEC doesn’t take shares in its startups.


To finish our visit we met the French team of Freshsquare (learn more here) , a startup producing portable all-in-one solutions to grow a kitchen garden hasslefree. Great insights about how to understand your customers and design your product well accordingly. Thanks to Solène and Lou (from Freshsquare) and Luisa for hosting us warmly !