First step of our journey: Zalando!

We were curious about the story of Zalando, startup created in 2008 in Berlin, listed in 2014 and now valued at 7 billion euros with 3 billion euros in revenues in 2015.

There, we met with an HEC Alumni, Delphine Mousseau, VP Markets of Zalando, and the French team of the company.

We first listened to the case study of our students Adya Kumar, Hari Govind and Sugandha Ranjan about the benchmark of delivery standards of competitors in France and recommendations on what to improve to stay competitive regarding delivery, and then had a really interesting discussion about Zalando’s strategy.

We were all very much fascinated by their success and how they remain so innovative. One of the key factor of success we were told was to adapt to the local market and pay a lot of attention to small details. They customize their marketing campaigns in every country, as well as offer specific services, for example a cash-on-delivery system in Italy, where many people do not have a bank account.

They also told us about their many future projects and their ambition to expand in many services, which is made possible because they managed to remain agile within their teams and everyone in the company can present its ideas to the relevant people, so that innovation remains at the center of Zalando’s corporate culture. Impressive and inspiring.