Berlin GMPVC Start'HEC

GMPVC is one of the leaders in the Media for Equity sector, which is a new model of Venture Capital funds, which is now starting to develop in France.

The main difference is that startups exchange some shares for advertisement, which can be critical in achieving growth for certain types of startups. The process and strategy are organised by a Media for Equity fund, that has a huge portfolio of advertising space, as Aljoscha, the founder of GMPVC, explained to us. In practice, they do have a similar role as a normal VC, because there is the same important work of selection of startups for example. But a Media for Equity fund looks for B2C startups, that have already proven their success, and that need to come to public notice. We were really impressed because the team is currently composed of only two persons, but GMPVC has already imposed itself as the German leader of the sector, it is insane !

And some HEC students presented to GMPVC some promising B2C French startups, which might be interested in Media for equity.