L’Oréal and Start’HEC present the Dare Award, Edition 2017, a double challenge to promote innovation and creativity on HEC Campus.


TWO challenges, TWO rules


The Pitch Challenge – « Parce que vous le créez bien »

Who can participate? Any HEC student or student team with an innovative early-stage startup idea.

How does it work?

  • To register for the Pitch Challenge, HEC students should fill in the application form.
  • Send a short document presenting your project to thedareaward@gmail.com before November 13th. The document should not exceed two pages and should include:
    • The name, academic program and e-mail address of each team member
    • The name of your project
    • A presentation of your concept – What is it? Where does the idea come from? How does it work? What type of customers does it target? How is it innovative? How is it unique compared to what already exists in the market? What are the main trends, challenges and opportunities in the targeted market? etc. Try to be as original as possible in the chosen format!
    • A brief presentation of the business model – How does it create value?
    • A rough budget and execution timeline
    • One conclusive sentence showing to what extent you will have to “dare” to implement your project
  • The documents will be assessed by members of L’Oréal and IncubateurHEC based on the following criteria : innovation of the project proposed, feasibility of the project, sustainability of the project in the long term, creativity in the document presented, team spirit.
  • 3 projects will be selected by L’ORÉAL to enter the final stage of the Pitch Challenge. The selected students will receive an invitation to pitch in front of a jury of experts made of members of L’ORÉAL and the HEC community during the closing ceremony. Each team will have 3 minutes maximum to present their project and try to convince the Jury of its creativity and originality. Students may show a Power Point, photos, videos, introduce a prototype etc. but their presentation should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Projects will be judged on their creativity and originality. So don’t be afraid to be disruptive!
  • The winner will win 2500€, #2 : 1500€, #3 : 1000€.






The Student Society Challenge – « Parce que vous le valez bien »

Who can participate? Any HEC student society willing to develop a creative project.

How does it work?

  • To participate in the student society challenge, HEC student associations should fill in the application form.
  • Each student society should send a video to the address: thedareaward@gmail.com (Each student society can send only one video). The length of the videos is limited to 3 minutes maximum, and the videos should include the following elements: A brief presentation of an innovative project that the society wishes to implement (What is it? What purpose does it serve? How can the society implement it? Try to be as original as possible in the chosen format ), A link with L’Oréal values, especially the entrepreneurial one. Please note that L’Oréal products can’t be showed during video (see point 5 of the “Additional Rules”), the Dare Award slogan: “Innovation is everywhere… But you have to dare!”
  • If you want to get inspiration for your videos, you can look at the videos HEC societies realised last year here.
  • Once collected by L’Oreal the videos will be displayed during two weeks. After two weeks of “Social Battle”, the videos will be ranked according to their number of views.
  • The three student societies whose projects will have received the largest number of views will be invited to enter the final stage of the Student Society Challenge. During the Student Society Challenge Closing Ceremony, the selected societies will be asked to show their videos and present their projects in 45 seconds maximum. 
  • The winner will win 2500€, #2 : 1500€, #3 : 1000€.




The Award Ceremony will take place during the week of November 27th, 2017 . It will be followed by a casual cocktail with L’Oréal and HEC representatives.


Want to know more ? Check out the official rules : 

DARE AWARD official rules 2017

So be creative, and don’t hesitate to dare !