L’Oréal and Start’HEC present the Dare Award, a double challenge to promote innovation and creativity on HEC Campus.




Two challenges, two rules


The Pitch Challenge – « Parce que vous le créez bien »

Who can participate? Any HEC student or student team with an innovative early-stage startup idea.

How does it work?

  • Send a short document presenting your project to thedareaward@gmail.com before November 14th. The document should not exceed two pages and should include:
    • The name, academic program and e-mail address of each team member
    • The name of your project
    • A presentation of your concept – What is it? Where does the idea come from? How does it work? What type of customers does it target? How is it innovative? How is it unique compared to what already exists in the market? What are the main trends, challenges and opportunities in the targeted market? etc. Try to be as original as possible in the chosen format!
    • A brief presentation of the business model – How does it create value?
    • A rough budget and execution timeline
    • One conclusive sentence showing to what extent you will have to “dare” to implement your project
  • The 6 most innovative projects will be invited to pitch in front of members of L’Oréal and the HEC Community during the Award Ceremony. You will have 3 minutes to convince the jury to try to win a 2 500€ prize! The #2 and #3 teams will also be awarded respectively a prize of 1 500€ and 1 000€.
  • Projects will be judged on their creativity and originality. So don’t be afraid to be disruptive!


The Student Society Challenge – « Parce que vous le valez bien »

Who can participate? Any HEC student society willing to develop a creative project.

How does it work?

  • Create a short video (maximum 3 minutes) to introduce an innovative project that your association wants to implement. What is it? What purpose does it serve? How can the society implement it? Show us your vision of innovation, and give as many details as you can about your project !
  • Don’t forget to include the slogan « Innovation is everywhere… But you have to dare!  » within your video.
  • Send us the video at thedareaward@gmail.com before November 14th, and we will post it on Facebook and Youtube. Then, let the social battle begin!
  • The 6 projects with the largest number of views will be selected to present their project in 45s in front of the jury during the Award Ceremony. The winner will be granted a prize of 2 500€, and the #2 and #3 societies will receive respectively 1 500€ and 1 000€ !

The Award Ceremony will take place on December 5th. It will be followed by a casual cocktail with L’Oréal and HEC representatives.


Inscriptions are now closed !

Want to know more ? Check out the official rules : Dare Award Official Rules


Here are the nine videos created by innovative HEC student societies:

HEC International Society








Filles HEC Rugby


Good Morning Vietnam




HEC Positive Restructuring


HEC Débats


You can also find all the videos on the Start’HEC Facebook page. But don’t forget to follow this link to encourage your society: the number of views on Youtube will determine the six winners of the Social Media Battle!




So be creative, and don’t hesitate to dare !